July 5, 2016

Under Roof

Oh the sights, sounds, and smells of summer!  THIS summer!!!  School closed out with a bang (Levi and Julia finished up at midnight on a Friday, the eve of the last possible day for completing work for PAVCS - they are SO happy to be moving on from deadlines and assessments to bigger and better things!) as Randy busily prepared the house for framing.  We left for a Musser family beach vacation in North Topsail Island, NC the following Monday, and enjoyed a much needed, timely getaway.  Where we stayed, the beach was a short walk from one side, while the bay was on the other, complete with a pier, a swing, and gorgeous sunsets!  We had a panoramic view of God's natural beauty, and I could go on and on...

We returned on a Monday evening, just as a full moon was rising over the horizon, and quickly explored the wonder of our house under roof!  We were so blessed to have our brother-in-law's crew, at Timberwright Creations, LLC frame the house while we were away!  If the timing had been off even a week, Randy would have been fretting at the beach, antsy to get busy, but as it was, the framing was happening without us being home.  Nothing missing, nothing lost, nothing broken... everything as it should be.  Completeness, wholeness, all in good time!  (Psalm 34:10)

Amidst visits from friends, holidays, and other real life adventures, we've settled back into a sort of routine (ha - it's summer, after all!).  Randy's been preparing the mechanicals (a word I've learned to mean "requiring machines or tools"), which is mainly the plumbing and electrical work, the guts of it all.  Seriously, there is so much that goes into the unseen parts of a house to make it functional; I am in awe of those with such skill that do this work, and so thankful!

For example... before stairs were placed, we had a ladder that went to the second floor, but with a bare space the whole way to the basement, going up and down it was quite treacherous!  Though we allowed the kiddos to do it, I was jittery each time they did.

I've been working on experimenting with floor stain colors, and I've been trying my hand at distressing the hardwood to make it look naturally worn.  (Although I know lots of distressing will take place on its own - and we welcome this - I wanted some of it to happen before staining begins.)  I've tried taking a hammer to the lumber, banging a nail filled sock against it, and punching nail holes into it in certain areas.  It's a fun aggression release! 

This week is full of meetings, with the plumber, cabinet man, and a stop by the shop of a local guy who has some old barn beams!!!  Will keep you posted! :)

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