August 13, 2016


This week my dad's mason crew has been bricking up the chimney.  Brick wasn't even on our radar for the exterior at all, but as the guys were bricking up the interior fireplace, and I noticed how beautiful the red brick looked on the chimney, we realized we wanted to make the switch from stone to brick for the chimney.  When your dad is the mason, making that kind of a change isn't all that difficult, thankfully! So, off we (the kiddos, my mom, who is the ultimate color designer/decorator, and I) went to the brick store, to choose our brick.  The crew laid up a few samples, and then we were able to make our mortar color choice.  Dad says that mortar color can make a HUGE impact on how the overall outcome looks.  A seemingly small detail can obviously make the brick look totally different and change the whole face of the house.  I'm very happy with our choice on this!

On the interior, Randy and his dad have been pouring so much love and time into the wiring of the house.  We've walked through so many times, making sure lights are placed properly, switches are everywhere we want them, and outlets are positioned exactly right. We've googled standard bed dimensions, counter and range hood heights so many times, I can't even keep count!  I finally decided to print out a list of standards, so we can just have it on hand.  

Last week I put out a question to the Facebook family for local woodworkers, and I was not disappointed!  Thank you, Facebook friends... you've come through!  We decided on a local artisan, Redbeard Rustics (amazing!) and have met with him and put in our order for a pine farmhouse table and two single beds made of old barnwood. 

The kiddos have made many batches of iced tea and trips back and forth from the house with water and Gatorade, and they've been helping by sweeping up the drilling shavings after we gather quite a mess of it.  Sam's been helping by sitting patiently in his stroller (most of the time) and watching Youtube toddler tunes.

One more exciting mention... A while back I made a visit to the Chambersburg mall's antique stalls, looking for treasure.  (I like a mix of the old and the new!)  I remember seeing an industrial, canvas laundry cart I really liked, praying in my heart and under my breath that I'd like to have it, though the price was too steep, and then letting it go.  Well, wouldn't you know, the very cart I saw was for sale at a yardsale last week, as the owner was closing down her stall at the mall.  I just happened to drive by the yardsale on Orange Street, in Shippensburg, on a short trip out with my dad?!  It was a much better deal, and one I was thrilled to make!  It's like I heard Daddy God, saying, "Surprise!" 

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