April 1, 2016

Day 2

This morning, when Randy opened the balcony door to our bedroom, we were both reminded so much of Thailand.  The smells and sounds all brought back so much memory.  George, our rooster, was crowing, and the rain was falling gentle and steady.  It felt a bit like a day during rainy season.  The track hoe was here before 7:00, and so the diesel fuel exhaust drifted in, adding to it all.  I wasn't feeling well today, so it took me longer than usual to make my way downstairs to prepare breakfast, where the kiddos already had my coffee brewing.  I so love them!

Being that it was April 1st, Julia had a few pranks planned for her Dad and brothers.  She'd prepared Jello "orange juice" for breakfast, Oreos with mint toothpaste substituted as the filling for after lunch "treats", and a sign on the back of Dad's truck that she'd taken out and placed by 6AM.  It read, "Honk and yell hi, April Fools Day!"  Interestingly, Aaron snuck an Oreo before it was time and ate the whole thing.  He had no idea?!  Obviously this boy doesn't have much experience with Oreos! :)

We had a few visitors stop by; my friend, Rebecca
and her 2 boys brought lunch and we enjoyed ours outside with them, watching the show! It was nice to have company.  

Today the track hoe dug the basement.  This was how the land looked by around 10AM, and by 3PM...  I was being asked by the kiddos for special permission to join Pap Pap in making a trip onto the dirt, and into our basement.  Doesn't it look great?

Standing in the basement
Oh, one more thing!  At one point today, Levi seriously thought one of the worker's names was Phil.  The man running the track hoe is Jim, but all this talk of fill being brought in, he really thought Phil was joining Jim!

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