April 11, 2016

Building the Foundations

Over this past week, especially, I've been in a place of revisiting foundations, both with the building of the house, and of a more intimate kind.  In the middle of last week, Randy, his dad, and my dad, all worked on forming the footers, into which concrete will be poured that will become the foundation for the block walls that will be built up.  Very important indeed!  The footers were formed, and then on Thursday, dumptruck loads of small gray stone was brought in and placed on the basement ground floor level of the house.  The pressure of the stone pushing against the forms, caused them to lean, and so on Saturday, Randy was outside most all of the day reinforcing the already formed footers.  With a shovel and lots of strong muscle, the stones were removed of their pressure against the footers and were fortified.

On Friday, my brother made a quick trip to PA from his home in Nashville to buy a much needed new car for his family.  It was so wonderful to have even the short time we did with him and to reconnect as a family.  While Randy was outside reinforcing the foundations of our new home to be, my parents, Ryan and I were inside and had a rare foursome moment, that was reminiscent of days gone by, where we'd share together, almost in "family meeting-like" vulnerability.  There's just something about this kind of family discussion that gets me every time!  The raw openness has gotten me thinking about other foundations, of the heart.  I'm realizing a similar trend happening in me as was true of the footers.  Just as the pressure of the stones pushed against the forms took necessary reinforcement to be useful for building a strong foundation for the house to be built upon, so the reality of my identity as a daughter of the King has taken some leaning pressure lately.  I'm sensing the need for some digging and strong muscle to get to the bottom of some of this, and some straightening up within to fortify the truth and to allow it to settle in deep.

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