June 30, 2008

What's With the Fish?

Many of you have been wondering about the fish project. First, you want to know what it is, and perhaps more importantly, how it will be of benefit to the Isaan people.

We as a team believe that it is important to be holistic in our ministry endeavors. This means we want to meet the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs of the people here. Fish are something that make sense to the Isaan people! They raise fish, they catch fish, they buy fish, they eat fish. Fish are a part of the Isaan way of life, and it is our desire to bring the Kingdom of God to this place by working with them in improving their way of life.

We dream about one day having a fish farm, or a fish farming related business. It is very likely we will start a fish hatchery operation here, in Ubon. As we pray for the specifics of our next steps to become clearer, we move forward with our goal being 'to launch a fishing “business” by December of 2009'. This business is not an end goal, but it is one avenue we trust God has chosen for us to utilize as a means of reaching a higher calling...

We believe God will use this project and the aquaculture ministry here in Ubon to help begin a self-sustaining church planting movement among the Isaan people. Jesus often spoke in parables, and once he said to Peter, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” It is our hope that the work with fish would not only be a physical one, though we recognize the importance of this also. We have a bigger vision… to see Isaan believers raised up, discipled, and supported… a ministry supported, flourishing, and sustainable by its own means. We want to see this fish ministry reach many “Peters”, and to see many Isaan men and women knowing Jesus and making Him known!

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Scott said...

I think the "fish project" is probably my favorite aspect of the overall team approach among the Isaan.

I'm right with you - while Jesus is the most important need, I think we miss the mark when we seek only to meet that need, when we have the capability to meet very obvious physical ones as well.

As I said when I was there, I was very excited to see how Randy had progressed in the last year and a half, and I really look forward to seeing this project continue to grow and develop over time.