June 10, 2008

Aden's Dr. visits

We have been praying that God would give us wisdom to know how to deal properly with Aden's cough. He has had a yucky-sounding cough in his chest for a few days now. First we had many people pray and we do believe that taking him to the Dr. yesterday was a good decision. The Dr. concluded that Aden has Bronchitis and determined to give him the "Thai remedy" which includes:

1. using a nebulizer treatment (a long tube connected to medicine that comes out in gas form, then this is held to the child's nose and mouth for them to breathe in)
2. propping them up on a stiff pillow and pounding (need I say, POUNDING!) on the upper back to release any phlegm that is stuck in the chest
3. a shot (which is a quick way for his body to receive antibiotic)
4. saline solution was shot into his nostrils while he was lying on his back, and then he was quickly flipped over and pounded again (It took 3 of us to complete this procedure)

Yesterday we were told to come back again today for a second round because his case is "severe", and this morning we were told another round was ordered for tomorrow! I understand that having a cough is not good, especially for an infant, but I'm not sure that having him pounded is too much fun for him either! :) Well, it is obviously a reputable remedy for a cough, since there were many other young children receiving the same treatments. Please hear the humor in this, and don't be be worried or feel that I am being negligent as a mother. I do believe that it was good to take Aden to the Dr. for a Dr.'s advice and care. Even though the procedures taken were very new to me, (and seemed rather odd) I trust that God works through many different means to bring about health and healing. I know that we are ultimately resting in His hands. We trust Aden will be well soon; please, keep praying for his quick and speedy recovery!


Andrew & Kristina said...

I'll be praying that Aden gets over this quickly. We became the proud owners of a nebulizer last year because both our boys have had bronchitis a lot (Joey had it 3 times before he turned 1yr last week). I guess it's pretty common here with all the pollution and other environmental factors.

Kristen Slabaugh said...

i love reading your blog and really appreciate your honesty. we do that "back pounding" here in the states in the hospitals for all ages of people, 5 minutes to 105 years, but we call it "chest percussion." It is actually a very effective therapy for removing mucous built up in the lungs. SO...maybe call it chest PT and it won't sound so abusive, becuase it's not ;) Praying for a quick relief for Aden :)