May 28, 2008

Our little Aden

Did you know that in Thai, "Aden" translates as "Eden" - the beautiful, paradise described in Genesis? Really, we didn't know that when we chose Aden as the name for our little guy. Not only are we thankful that "Aden" translates well in Thai, but we are also excited about the opportunities we have to share this with Thai people. The meaning of "Aden" in English is "little fire" (from Gaelic origin) and we believe that our precious son is already being used for God's purposes to point people to Jesus.

Today we took Aden to the Dr. for his two month check up. Here is the run-down...

Weight: 5.3 Kg (We live in Thailand, so you do the math! :0) I think it is like 11 1/2 lbs.
Length: 61 cm or 24 in.
Head circumference: normal

The Dr. says, "Aden is growing well. He is very tall (maybe for the Thai growth chart, but he is much like Levi was). "

He had to get a shot on his thigh, and so he is a little fussy, though he doesn't seem to have a fever. I've been giving him infant ibuprofen drops to help him not be in pain.

Just the other day I was sitting on the bed working on the computer and Aden was next to me. He was so happy and very interactive! Fortunately, I was able to capture a bit of the moment on video. Enjoy watching it. (You may want to wait for it to load completely before you begin watching.)

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