May 23, 2008

Fire up the grill

Last night we had some team bonding time at our house. We fired up the grill (which is somewhat difficult to do with wet charcoal!) and made kabobs. Amy and her children were here and Micah F. also joined us. We ALL enjoyed putting all the fun stuff on our skewers and placing them on the grill. Then we had time to play a game of Skip-Bo while drinking rootbeer floats. The children played nicely with playdough and we were all happy it was Friday night!

This afternoon we are heading to Dongual. It will be a great time to connect with our friends there, since we've not been there in a while. I'm sure they will be anxious to meet Aden in person! We won't be telling a story, but we will be praying and eating dinner with everyone there. We trust that the children will cooperate and that we share the love of Jesus with our friends as we carry His presence within us.

Aden is officially 2 months old now! He's done a lot of sleeping this week, and I think this is because he's having a growth spurt. He's gained some weight and is getting much longer. He loves getting baths; I think it's his favorite thing to do, besides being cuddled. :)

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