May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Randy!

Randy's birthday was on the 20th of May. It is hard to believe that this year we will both 30! Not that 30 is old, but it is just so far from being 20. Sometimes I still feel like we're in college, but that only lasts until I open my eyes or ears and see the 3 little ones around me. We are blessed to have such beautiful children, and again we are reminded of the great responsibility of raising these precious lives to know and love Jesus.

I made an ice-cream cake for Randy, using his mother's recipe. Wonder why mine was so different? :) I made two round chocolate cakes and then when they were completely cool I flipped them out. So far so good. Then, I got the ice-cream out of the freezer. It was a little soft, perfect for spreading. Then, I put the second layer on top of the ice-cream layer. Whoa! That thing was so tall, it was hard to fit in the freezer! It is yummy, though. We just have to eat smaller portions, since we get two pieces of cake at a time instead of just one.

On the evening we planned to celebrate, we were all in the car except for Randy. We knew we had to hurry, since it was beginning to storm. Just as Randy was locking up the house and opening our gate, it started to bucket down lots of rain! We waited for him, and though he had an umbrella, he still got a little wet. We went to a great Italian restaurant for dinner and enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards we went home for cake and wanted to have Randy open his present from us. When we returned home all of our children were sleeping and were too tired to celebrate any longer. Randy and I had some cake by ourselves. For his birthday we got him a small grill for doing steaks, kabobs, and burgers. He's thrilled to finally have this new cooking option available to us at home. The children love it too, because it's at their eye-level and they can be involved. We've already grilled out twice, and this is even rainy season!

Happy Birthday, Randy. I love you so much and know that God has great things in store for you and us as we begin this next decade. Let's make the most of the 30's!

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