May 12, 2008

First day of school

Ahh... I never knew that sending children to school could be such a difficult thing for a mother! During language school 2 years ago, we had to leave them everyday, but that was with 1 person and in our home. This is different. It is so challenging to leave them in the hands of others, but I do trust that God has allowed us to find the right school here in Ubon, and I know that He will never leave them alone. It is good for Levi and Julia to meet new friends and have interaction in the Thai language. And yet, it is hard to let them go. We pray strong prayers of peace and protection over them often and leave them in the hands of our Father.

Julia has been so excited and anxious. She is ready to be a "big girl" and carry her pink, Piglet bookbag. Leading up to the first day, it was all happy emotion for her, and then when we entered the classroom, she began crying. It's been a little rough at first, but her teachers are patient with her and all of the other crying Thai children. Thankfully the first week is only half days and we get to pick them up at lunch time. For Levi it's a bit different. He was in school at AIT Community school last term, and though it was in English, it was a good start for him before transitioning to school in Ubon. He hasn't cried at all, but this morning he complained of being "too tired to go to school today". Hmmm...

So, pray for them; pray for us. Pray that they would have healthy interactions with others, and that God would give us peace as we leave them each day.


Aunt Diane said...

Hi Jodi, you have done a great job for creating a blog for the first time.
I hear and understand your heart...three years old seems so young to start school, but to learn a new language this is the best age to begin. Our prayers are with the team and all of the precious children. I'm looking forward to coming and spending time with all the children and getting to know, and interact with your three little ones. Jodi, you are a very good mother and we bless you, your family and everything you are doing in Thailand. With Love, Aunt Diane

Scott said...

I'm so glad you started a blog, they are such a great way to communicate!

Can't wait to see you guys in just a few weeks!