July 1, 2008

Back from Bangkok

Ahhh... it's good to get away for a while, but it's always good to get home again! Last Saturday evening we left on the night train and arrived in Bangkok at around 5:30am on Sunday morning. What a blessing to be picked up and to stay at the home of our friend, Pi Puk! We felt like we were at a 5-star resort, as her house is so beautiful and her hospitality so favorable. We were able to reconnect with friends at AIT Christian Fellowship on Sunday morning and then head to our favorite hangout in the area, Future Park. There are lots of shops and a McDonalds!(In Ubon we have a KFC, but no McDonalds, yet.) That evening we rested well, before heading out Monday morning for our appointment at the US Embassy. Everything went smoothly and Aden's birth has now been reported. Soon we will get his paperwork in the mail.

Tuesday we had an appointment with the Dr. for Aden to have a circumcision done. We had checked with many Drs. and clinics here in Ubon, but noone seemed very confident to perform the surgery. This confirmed to us that, this being a very important surgery, it was better for us to have it done in Bangkok! Aden wasn't able to eat or drink anything from 9:30am until after he had awakened from the surgery at 5:30pm! Since he was not a newborn any longer he had to be put to sleep. The Dr. said that if we had had it done at birth, he would have only needed a local. What a procedure. That day was a long one, and we were thankful that Pi Puk and her sister were able to watch the children for us; definitely a God-thing!

Wednesday morning we visited our old neighborhood and met up with our old helper and some other friends before visiting the Dr. again for him to check Aden's recovery. That evening we shared dinner with Jon and Becky W. and Sasipa, our Thai tutor and her sister. We were all ready to sleep that night, for sure.

Thursday was a day for us to rest up. We had fun with the children at Future Park and had a great dinner together with Pi Puk and her sister, Pi Pui, before we got on the train to return to Ubon. Normally the train gets in at 7am. Let's just say, we ate breakfast and almost had lunch on the train too! Yeah, we were glad to be back!

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