September 2, 2008

On Fire!

Hey Friends-

Life is getting exciting! Do you that we are called to live in "such a time as this"? God has been doing some amazing things; drawing me closer to Him and calling me deeper. I don't want anything else. There is nothing that will satisfy me now except for his presence in me. Right now I'm reading a book by James Goll and it's something like, "The Lost art of Practicing His Presence" and it includes writings from Bro. Lawrence's book, "Practicing the Presence of God". It's a simple idea, really... so hard to start to do. But then, after you do, it's like this insatiable desire, to be with Him. I hope you catch the Fire!

As a sidenote, we're all doing well. Levi's praying for his friend, Pung, because "he doesn't know Jesus yet". Julia wants to go to Hill Song church in Austrailia and worship with their kids and "lots of balloons". You can ask me about it sometime ;o . Aden is sleeping and smiling; a very happy baby! This week Randy is attending an aquaculture conference here in Ubon, where he'll be connecting with friends and professors from AIT and experts from neighboring countries. Next weekend he heads to Bangkok for more shrimp. :)

LOL - Jodi

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