August 9, 2008

4.5 years?!

I can't believe it; our oldest is getting older! Yesterday marked the exact day of Levi's 4.5 years. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but to have a child who's almost 5 is like waking up and realizing your life is really going somewhere. And, to think of all the changes we've experienced during these past 4.5 years; this is what really gets me thinking... Let's just say, this year will be the first that we'll celebrate his birthday in the same place as the year before; I like that!

Please pray for Levi. Lately he's really disliking going to school. There could be a number of reasons for this new development.

1. Last year he studied at AIT in English and because his Thai is not "up to speed" with his classmates (who are Thai, of course), he could have negative feelings about entering into friendships.
2. He could have had a painful experience at school that causes him to shy away from people there.
3. His personality is more quiet and reserved around new people and he just wants to be home where it is "safe".

Pray for him, that God would heal whatever is hurting and that he would rise above this "stuff" and step out in boldness. Pray that he would have confidence to open himself up to new friendships. Believe me, he has lots of little boys and girls who want to be friends with him, he is just so shy with them and needs a boost.

This Monday all of the preschoolers will be doing a show for Mother's Day, which is celebrated on the birthday of the Thai Queen. Pray he will have fun and be himself. We love him and know he is precious to God; we want him to know that too! :) Thanks.

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